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Membranes in Poland
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Silesian University of Technology (SiUT)
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A very strong team was created by Prof. M.Bodzek at Silesian University of Technology at the beginning of 70’ties, in the field of membrane application for environmental engineering.
I . Faculty of Environmental and Energy Engineering
Prof. Michał BODZEK, Prof. Jolanta BOHDZIEWICZ, Prof. Krystyna KONIECZNY,
Prof. Irena KORUS, Prof. Mariola RAJCA

preparation and characterization of ultrafiltration membranes in view of their application in water and wastewater treatment,
application of pressure driven membrane techniques in ground and surface water treatment for drinking and household purposes (MF, UF, NF,  RO),
application of pressure driven membrane techniques in industrial wastewater treatment,
application of membrane techniques in environmental biotechnology (membranes with immobilised enzymes, membrane bioreactors),
application of hybrid and integrated membrane processes in water and wastewater treatment (polymer enhanced ultrafiltration, coagulation-ultrafiltration, photocatalysis-ultrafiltration, MIEX®DOC-ultrafiltration),
preparation and characterization of polymer ultrafiltration membranes modified with photocatalysts and carbon sorbents for water and wastewater treatment.
Contact: michal.bodzek(AT)polsl.pl
Prof. M.Bodzek, together with Profs J.Bohdziewicz and K.Konieczny, initiated organization of a series of conferences on Membrane and membrane processes in environmental engineering (1995-2016) that have become the forums of interactions between the Polish academics and industry people.
II . Faculty  of Chemistry (Prof. Marian TUREK)
using electrodialysis as well as application of the pressure driven membrane processes to separation of industrial wastes.

Contact: marian.turek(AT)polsl.pl
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