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Membranes in Poland
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- ŁódŸ University of Technology (LUT)  -
ŁódŸ University of Technology (LUT)
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Membrane activities in Lodz have been started in the Institute of Chemical Fibers. There, Prof. M.Kopa and Dr. J.Mertl made the first attempt to obtain polymer hollow-fibers for gas, VOC separations and for ultrafiltration. Today, the membrane laboratory is located at Lodz Technical University.
Faculty of Process and Environmental Enginnering LUT
Prof. Władysław Kaminski
decreasing of concentration polarization effect,
chitosan and their derivatives membranes,
liquid membranes with fluidcross - flow, applied among others for heavy metals separation,
aroma separation from water solution using HF and pervaporation,
process modeling and optimization by neural networks and fractals,
studies on membrane separation processes: LM, PV and NF in environment protection engineering,
plasma for surface treatment of polymer membranes.
Contact: kaminski(AT)wipos.p.lodz.pl 
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