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Membranes in Poland
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- Institute of Power Engineering (IPE) -
Institute of Power Engineering
Ceramic Department CEREL
Techniczna 1
36-040 Boguchwała

Institute of Power Engineering
Thermal Processes Department (CPC)
Augustówka 36
02-981 Warszawa

Institute of Power Engineering has an extensive experience (since 2006) in both manufacturing of oxygen transport membranes (CEREL) and in functional characterization studies (CPC). The oxygen membranes are made from the most promising materials with mixed ionic and electronic conductivities, i.e. perovskite-type oxides. The dense ceramic membranes exhibit unique properties for pure oxygen separation from air. The achievable oxygen purity exceeds 99%.

synthesis of perovskite-like materials by solid state and spray pyrolysis methods;
manufacturing of planar and tubular oxygen membranes using alternative methods; 
determination of properties at consecutive stages of the fabrication of membranes;
design and construction of novel laboratory installation for oxygen separation from air.
Contact: gromada(AT)cerel.pl        
I . Ceramic Department CEREL
II . Thermal Processes Department
functional characterization of high temperature oxygen membranes;
analysis of membranes operating in pressurized and atmospheric systems;
modeling of stand-alone membranes and integration of membranes in power systems realizing the concept of combustion in oxygen enriched atmosphere and in pure oxygen;
design and construction of oxy-combustors.
Contact: michal.wierzbicki(AT)ien.com.pl, jakub.kupecki(AT)ien.com.
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