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Membranes in Poland
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- Industrial Chemistry Research Institute (ICRI) -
Industrial Chemistry Research Institute (ICRI)
Rydygiera 8
01-793 Warszawa

Research area (Prof. Włodzimierz Ratajczak)

The main area of the interest is to use such membrane processes as UF, NF, RO, PV, MBSE  for chemicals synthesis, separation and purification of chemical compounds and for the treatment of industrial wastewaters.

Research in a laboratory and pilot scale is performed on:

application of unit processes for chemical separation such as extraction, distillation, crystallization, sorption and ion exchange in new and modernized technologies,
application of hybrid processes (combination of classical methods with membrane processes) for the synthesis, separation and purification of chemical compounds and for the purification of technological and wastewater streams,
preparation of basic packages for industrial installations designed according to own processes,
Engineering supervision of launched processes at the stage of their commissioning and tests.
Contact: wlodzimierz.ratajczak(AT)ichp.pl
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