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International Congress for Membrane and Electromembrane
Processes, MELPRO2020

April 19 - 22, 2020,Prague (Czech Republic)
11th Conference Wasteless Technologies and Waste Management
in Industry and Agriculture

June 11 - 14, 2019, Międzyzdroje (Poland)
website of the conference
30th March 2019 - registration deadline
International Scientific Conference PERMEA 2019, the Membrane Science and Technology Conference of Visegrád Countries
August 26 - 29, 2019, Budapesht (Hungary)
website of the conference
31th March 2019 - Notification of Acceptance
30th June 2019 - Early Registration and Payment
10th International Membrane Science & Technology Conference, IMSTEC2020
February 2 - 6, 2020,Syndey (Australia)
website of the conference
15th August 2019 - Abstract Submission Deadline
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15th October 2019 - Notification of Abstract Acceptance
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